Bee Gardens by Dr Noraini Bahari

from Biodiversity Gardens Capacity Building Workshop with Dr Noraini Bahari Dr Noraini Bahari is a member of MY Bee Savior. She was a landscape architect at USIM for six years and is currently a senior lecturer at UiTM, Perak. Bees today MY Bee Savior Association is an NGO that was established in 2015 to createContinue reading “Bee Gardens by Dr Noraini Bahari”

Biodiversity Gardening by Tan Kai Ren

from Biodiversity Gardens Capacity Building Workshop with Tan Kai Ren Tan Kai Ren was the project officer of the Rimba Project in University of Malaya where he conducted a series of urban biodiversity conservation and education programmes. He also organised the Klang Valley City Nature Challenge in 2019, a citizen science project that focused onContinue reading “Biodiversity Gardening by Tan Kai Ren”

Pollinators: Bees and Wasps

Often people ask me about how to make their gardens pollinator friendly. This is a tough question, because there are so many different types of pollinators. Guides usually don’t have all of them in one place. Here, I’ll explain the categories of pollinators that visit plants, as well as the characteristics of the flowers thatContinue reading “Pollinators: Bees and Wasps”

Butterfly Gardens by Dr Cyren Wong Zhi Hoong

from Biodiversity Gardens Capacity Building Workshop with Dr Cyren Wong Zhi Hoong Dr. Cyren is an ecological anthropologist and ethnozoologist who studies the relationship between human society and the natural environment. He is also a lepidopterist who specialises in the study of butterflies & moths. One of the chapters of his PhD research focuses onContinue reading “Butterfly Gardens by Dr Cyren Wong Zhi Hoong”

A Beginner Butterfly Garden

A beginner’s butterfly garden uses host plants and flowering plants that grow wild. Shade is not an issue for many of these butterfly species here since they are adapted to living in hot open areas. Because this garden uses wild plants, it requires almost zero maintenance (except for occasional trimming). For aesthetic value, you canContinue reading “A Beginner Butterfly Garden”

Urban Farming by Low Shao-Lyn

from Biodiversity Gardens Capacity Building Workshop with Low Shao-Lyn, Eats, Shoots and Roots (Co-founder and Design Director) Low Shao-Lyn from Eats, Shoots and Roots has shared with us her personal journey in urban farming. Realities of urban farming We have to understand the life cycle of plants as plants will eventually die. Therefore, manage yourContinue reading “Urban Farming by Low Shao-Lyn”

Butterfly Gardens: Key Concepts

Butterflies are nice to have in a garden, they help to make it feel alive with colour and movement. They also become food for birds and carry out important pollination of plants. To have butterflies in a garden, you have to meet the requirements of butterflies. In no particular order, the requirements are: host plantsContinue reading “Butterfly Gardens: Key Concepts”

Plants for Food 1: Selom

Selom (Oenanthe javanica)Photo by KENPAI (CC BY-SA 3.0) Common name: Java waterdropwort Malay name: Selom Other local names: – Scientific name: Oenanthe javanica Distribution: East, South, and Southeast Asia, as well as Australia Conservation status: Least concern, Cultivated, Native Description Selom is found in the rainforest in Malaysia. Selom is an erect, perennial plant growingContinue reading “Plants for Food 1: Selom”

How to start a wildflower garden

The simplest method is to not do anything and let a patch regrow with wild plants. You can remove any unwanted or dangerous plants through weeding, but there is not much maintenance involved with these patches. A wildflower patch that needs to be tended by humans is an oxymoron. If you want a bit moreContinue reading “How to start a wildflower garden”

Wildflower meadows in Malaysia, a beginners guide

Naturally occurring wildflower patches are the first step in succession. These small sun loving plants are usually the first to colonise bare land. They then help to regenerate the soil and make it suitable for secondary vegetation like shrubs and small trees to grow. It should be stated that modern wildflower meadows are not nativeContinue reading “Wildflower meadows in Malaysia, a beginners guide”