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Butterflies: Common three ring

Common three ring

Ypthima pandocus

At a glance, this gray brown butterfly may not be very attractive. But close inspection reveals yellow eye spots along the edge of the wing, some with dots of metallic blue set in a black pupil. This species is differentiated from the common four ring by only having 3 eyespots on its hindwing. This butterfly is associated with gardens and green spaces since its caterpillars feed on the fast growing Goat grass (Ischaemum muticum) which is usually used in lawns in Malaysia.

Food items: Nectar (as butterfly), host plant (as caterpillar)

Host plants: Gramineae, Ishcaemum muticum

Microhabitat: Gardens, roadsides, secondary growth and forest borders

Ecological Function: Pollinator

Food chain level: Primary consumer

Dispersal: Likely it has limited dispersal range, but it can move through open areas and road verges

Common three ring (Ypthima pandocus)

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