Urban Naturalists Talk

Urban Naturalists Talk is a compilation of events featuring UBI

UBI and the Rimba Project on BFM89.9 radio station

Our very own Syu and Thary talk about appreciating biodiversity in cities! In this chat with BFM’s I Love KL podcast titled ‘The Biodiversity Around Us’, they share the many ways in which we can learn to understand and coexist with the wildlife closest to us.

The Rimba Project Instalive Interview Series

Our long-time friends and partners at the Rimba Project held a series of interviews in May 2020 with ecologists and nature-art professionals in Malaysia. Here’s what we learned from Rimba Project’s Instalive Interviews with urban wildlife enthusiasts!


What do bamboos, or buluh, bring to mind?

For participants at Buluh in the City it was art, food and the city dweller’s experience of nature.

Buluh in the City was an event held at Rimbu Ilmu Botanic Garden, University of Malaya. Rimba Ilmu is a Natural Heritage site and among its extensive collections of tropical plants is a remarkable one of Malaysian bamboos. Bamboos were at the centre of a day dedicated to nature in the city. The event comprised discussions on our interactions with the nature around us, led by speakers well-versed with managing gardens for wildlife and for communities in cities.

Learn what panelists Angela Hijjas of Rimbun Dahan and Lim Khim Joe of Kebun-Kebun Bangsar had to say about green space design, community-led initiatives and human-nature relationships: