Managing partner / lead instructor

THARY GAZI GOH is an entomologist, conservationist and wildlife educator with a master’s degree in forensic entomology from the University of Malaya, he is currently completing his PhD thesis on the ecological relationship between the scarabs and elephants of Peninsular Malaysia. An experienced field worker that knows his way around the jungle, his penchant for exploration has brought him from the humid forests of Malaysia to as far as the frigid islands of Antarctica. With over 10 years of experience working with the University of Malaya Museum of Zoology, he is full of insights into the hidden world of Malaysian fauna. Always keen to work outside of his field, he teaches machine learning and programming to postgraduate students, has graduated from the Genovasi Design Thinking Ambassador program, participated in social science conferences, worked with a start-up in the MaGIC Social Enterprise Accelerator program and helped with the proposal writing and strategic planning for charity NGOs.

Team members / instructors

SITI SYUHADA SAPNO holds a Bachelor of Science (Ecology & Biodiversity) and is now embarking on a new journey in her master’s degree in the world of Performing Arts (Drama) at the Cultural Centre, University of Malaya. Many asked why she switched her course but to her, she’s merely continuing where she left off. She was inspired by the Asian Student Environmental Platform, an exchange programme in Hokkaido, Japan, in 2016 where the focus was on indigenous knowledge in conserving biodiversity. She is now researching the use of theatre as a platform to increase awareness regarding environmental issues on Orang Asli through their folktales. P/s: she loves frogs.

GOH SHANG MING is a Bachelor of Science (Ecology & Biodiversity) holder who majored in Botany during her studies. She is currently engaged in biodiversity gardening activities and content development, and hopes to learn more about them.

SELAM SOLOMON is a final-year ecology student. She credits genuine curiosity and storytelling for helping her understand the culturally diverse environment she grew up in and is now set on applying them to ecology. After a few years of teaching, translating and editing in Jeddah, she moved to Malaysia to study marine and forest ecosystems. Fascinated with ingenuity in the natural world and in the individuals who dedicate their lives to studying it, she now writes (as she learns) to share the superb science of these worlds.