Media and publications

These resources – books, articles, podcasts, media clippings and more – demonstrate the depth and range of work done by UBI’s members and partners. More importantly, they chart our journey, providing insight into the world out of which UBI was born, and into the causes that UBI continues to address and extend.

Books and parts thereof

Beatrice Yong and Benjamin Ong, 2019. Edible urban gardens: Renewing biodiversity in our cities. In: Mitchell Gelber, ed. 2019. Greening Malaysia. Kuala Lumpur: Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia. pp.214-221. Available from Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia.

Benjamin Ong, 2018. The flyover jungle. In: David Maddox, Curtis Walker and Malerie Lovejoy, eds. 2019. A flash of silver-green: Stories of the nature of cities. Guelph: Publication Studio Guelph. (ISBN 978-1-989157-05-3) Anthology of short stories on urban nature. Available from Publication Studio.

Benjamin Ong, Nurul Fitrah Marican, Sugumaran Manickam and Vanessa Ting, 2018. The Rimba Project: Putting urban biodiversity conservation on the map. In: Sumiani Yusoff, ed. 2018. University of Malaya Living Labs: Transforming research into action (vol. 2). Kuala Lumpur: Sustainability Science Research Cluster. pp.21-34. (ISBN 978-967-488-004-0) A brief history of the Rimba Project in an edited volume.

Vanessa Ting and Evelyn Khor, 2017. Discovering UM. Kuala Lumpur: University of Malaya Press. (ISBN 978-983-100-965-9) A commemorative coffee-table book celebrating the history and heritage of the University of Malaya campus. Available from UM Press.

Benjamin Ong, 2017. The backyard before you. Kuala Lumpur: The Rimba Project. (ISBN 978-967-0380-82-7) An extended reflection and photo essay on urban wildlife and conservation. Available from Areca Books and Gerakbudaya.

Siti Norasiah Abd Kadir, Affan Nasaruddin, Mohd Noor Musa, Benjamin Ong and Zeeda Fatimah Mohamad, 2015. Pasangan: Pulse of a riverine community. Kuala Lumpur: Sustainability Science Research Cluster & JSPS Asian Core Program. (ISBN 978-967-0380-71-1) Documentary of integrated watershed management from a community perspective. Available from Water Warriors.

Benjamin Ong, 2015. The starling and the fig, Seletar and Selasih. In: Ow Yeong Wai Kit and Muzakkir Samat, eds. 2015. From Walden to Woodlands. Singapore: Ethos Books. pp.73-74, 86-87, 104. (ISBN 978-981-0963-13-2) Anthology of poems on faith and nature. Available from Ethos Books.

Articles and reports

Ong, B., 2019. The Rimba Project: Translational research through student volunteer engagementRoots: Botanic Gardens Conservation International Education Review, 16(1), pp.15-18. Download PDF.

Ong, B. and Adikan, F.R.M., 2018. Challenging land use paradigms in a university context. In: D. Tan, ed. 2018. SCHEMA case studies. Kuala Lumpur: United Nations University International Institute of Global Health. pp.17-20.

Sugumaran, M., Tan, D. and Ong, B., 2018. Holding onto a mission for conservation and education. In: D. Tan, ed. 2018. SCHEMA case studies. Kuala Lumpur: United Nations University International Institute of Global Health. pp.13-16.

Lim, V.-C., Clare, E.L., Littlefair, J.E., Ramli, R., Bhassu, S. and Wilson, J.-J., 2017. Impact of urbanisation and agriculture on the diet of fruit bats. Urban Ecosystems, [e-journal] September 2017, [The Rimba Project contributed to the fieldwork component of this study.]

Mohamad, Z.F., Nasaruddin, A., Abd Kadir, S.N., Musa, M.N., Ong, B. and Sakai, N., 2015. Community-based shared values as a Heart-ware driver for integrated watershed management: Japan-Malaysia policy learning perspective. Journal of Hydrology, 530, pp.317-327. Available from Science Direct.

Podcasts and videos

BFM, 2020. I Love KL: The Biodiversity Around Us, Night Shift: I Love KL. [podcast] 24 September 2020

BFM, 2019. The Daily Digest: KL’s macaque muggers, The Bigger Picture: The Daily Digest. [podcast] 29 January 2019.

BFM, 2018. The Rimba Project, The Bigger Picture: Earth Matters. [podcast] 23 April 2018.

The Rimba Project, 2016. Bats in the city.

BFM, 2014. Mother’s Day with the animals, The Bigger Picture: Earth Matters. [podcast] 9 May 2014.

In the press

Balqis Lim, 2018. Putting tech to good useNew Straits Times, 5 November.

Anon., 2018. M’sian NGOs get to put their causes on the map. Daily Express, 5 November.

Marion Fernando, 2018. Change for goodThe Sun, 13 October.

Wong Li Za, 2018. Klang Valley among top achievers in recent 2018 City Nature Challenge. The Star, 30 May.

Wong Li Za, 2018. Help protect our urban biodiversity. The Star, 24 April.

Rozana Sani, 2018. Into the wild in the city. New Straits Times, 21 March.

Rozana Sani, 2018. Whither nature conservation in rapid development? New Straits Times, 21 February.

Sheila Sri Priya, 2015. Section 12 Petaling Jaya harbours a world of ecological wonders. The Star, 19 March.

On the web

Tarvin Gill, 2018. Google Earth Outreach assists NGOs with their research of preserving the country’s ecology. KL Gadget Guy, 26 September.

Hitech Century, 2018. NGOs share stories of positive change with Google Earth Outreach programmeHitech Century, 26 September.

Aiman Maulana, 2018. How NGOs are using Google Earth Outreach to save a village and the, 26 September.

Charlene Liaw and Aizyl Azlee, 2018. The city is wild, and The Rimba Project wants you to document its biodiversity. EPIC, 16 May.