The Urban Biodiversity Initiative (UBI) is an independent collective for urban ecology research, conservation and environmental education. We are a social enterprise based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.



We run educational environmental programmes for children and adults.


We conduct workshops on discovery and art.


We provide advices on ecology and biodiversity issues with track record in supporting NGO’s with various environmental projects.

Latest articles & guides

  • Backyard Explorers
  • Drains, Small Ponds & Wetlands by Affan Nasaruddin
    From Biodiversity Gardens Capacity Building Workshop with Affan Nasaruddin, Water Warriors (Co-Founder) Affan Nasaruddin is a project officer of Water Warriors (WW). WW is an in-campus NGO which focuses on water conservation efforts. It is under University of Malaya’s (UM) Sustainability and Living […]
  • Citizen Science by Yap Jo Leen
    From Biodiversity Gardens Capacity Building Workshop with Yap Jo Leen, LPP (Founder) STARTING POINT OF LPP Langur Project Penang, LPP, is a dusky langur research and outreach group based in Penang. Its members are ‘Duskies’, a group of citizens from different backgrounds who […]
  • How to do mulching
    Mulching is a simple and yet useful gardening technique. It is the practice of putting a layer of covering above the surface of soil, so that the soil is shielded and protected. The layer of covering is known […]

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