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Butterflies: Psyche


Leptosia nina

A little white butterfly with a single black corner and dot on the upperside of each wing. Its underside is covered in mottled green gray stripes. It flies at a slow relaxed pace, but is easily startled when approached. Usually it is found flying near shadier parts of gardens, visiting wildflowers like Coromandels. The host of this butterfly are Capers (Capparis) although it can also feed on Maman as well.

Food items: Nectar (as butterfly), host plant (as caterpillar)

Host plants: Capparis heneana, Crateva religiosa, Cleome rutidosperma

Habitat: Gardens, roadsides, secondary growth and forest borders

Ecological Function: Pollinator

Food chain level: Primary consumer

Dispersal: Likely it has limited dispersal range, but it can move through open areas and road verges

Psyche (Leptosia nina)

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