Species Guide: Urban Wildflowers

Purple cleome

Purple cleome, Maman

Cleome rutidosperma

A short creeping plant with diamond-shaped leaflets in groups of three. Its flowers have four, slender purple petals that curve upwards. It produces long green pods filled with seeds. This plant is usually found in shadier areas and it is good for attracting bees and small butterflies to gardens.

Status: Least concern, Introduced (Tropical Africa)

Habit: Annual herbaceous

Cultivation: Planted by seeds or transplanting

Ecological Function: Attracts pollinators, ground cover, produces seeds for birds, butterfly host plant (Appias libythea, Leptosia nina)

Pollinators:  Large and small bees, wasps and flies

Soil: Loam, clay, organic soils

Moisture: Well drained soils

Shade: Partial shade, no shade

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