Species Guide: Urban Wildflowers


Coromandel, Rumput Israel

Asystasia gangetica

A relative of mint that grows close to ground in sunny and shady areas. It has white flowers with purple markings on the lowermost petal that acts as a landing pad for bees to rest as they feed. Its dark green, simple leaves occur in pairs opposite each other. It produces seeds in club-shaped capsules

Status: Least concern, Introduced (India)

Habit: Perennial herbaceous

Cultivation: Planted by seeds or transplanting

Ecological Function: Attracts pollinators, ground cover, host plant for butterflies (Junonia orithya)

Pollinators:  Butterflies, bees

Soil: Loam, organic soils

Moisture: Moist soil

Shade: Partial shade, no shade

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