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Butterflies: Tiny grass blue

Tiny grass blue

Zizula hylax

A very small butterfly, often seen feeding on low wildflowers. It looks like other small blue butterflies, but is slightly duller blue or occasionally violet from certain angles. The patterns of black dots and gray bars are used to identify this species. Its host plants are a variety of common wildflowers.

Food items: Nectar (as butterfly), host plant (as caterpillar)

Host plants: Acanthaceae, Justicia procumbens, Asystasia gangetica, Ruellia repens, Hemigraphis reptans

Microhabitat: Gardens, roadsides and open areas

Ecological Function: Pollinator

Food chain level: Primary consumer

Dispersal: Likely it has limited dispersal range, but it can move through open areas and road verges

Tiny grass blue (Zizula hylax), female
Tiny grass blue (Zizula hylax), male
Tiny grass blue (Zizula hylax), female

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