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Blue pansy

Blue pansy

Junonia orithya

Unlike most butterflies this species prefers open fields, often perching on grass between short low flights. This butterfly has intricate patterns of velvet brown, sky blue, pale yellow and orange eyespots on its upperside. Its underside is a mix of pale yellow, brown and orange eyespots.

Food items: Nectar (as butterfly), host plant (as caterpillar)

Host plants: Sweet potato (Ipomea batatas), Justicia procumbens, Asystasia gangetica, Plantago, Striga, Thunbergia alata

Microhabitat: Gardens, roadsides and open areas

Ecological Function: Pollinator

Food chain level: Primary consumer

Dispersal: Likely it has limited dispersal range, but it can move through open areas and road verges

Blue pansy (Junonia orithya), female
Blue pansy (Junonia orithya), female (underside)
Blue pansy (Junonia orithya), male (underside)

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