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Butterflies: Peacock pansy

Peacock pansy

Junonia almana

The underside of this butterfly is an unremarkable pale tan traversed with dark brown lines and dotted with a few black and yellow eye spots. The uppersides of the wings are a rich orange, with eye spots that are violet and deep red. Its caterpillars are known to feed on a wide variety of wildflowers and the adults can be seen in short fast flights within wildflower patches.

Food items: Nectar (as butterfly), host plant (as caterpillar)

Host plants: Mimosa pudica and Acanthaceae

Microhabitat: Gardens, roadsides and open areas

Ecological Function: Pollinator

Food chain level: Primary consumer

Dispersal: Likely it has limited dispersal range, but it can move through open areas and road verges

Peacock pansy (Junonia almana)

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