Species Guide: Urban Wildflowers

Tridax daisy

Tridax daisy, Kancing baju

Tridax procumbens

A common roadside plant that does not need a lot of soil or water to grow. It is a plant that helps nourish soils. Its leaves are arrow-shaped and have tooth-like margins. The compound flowers are yellow and white, at the top of long stems. Fruits are small and dry and have hair-like structures.

Status: Least concern, Introduced (Central America)

Habit: Perennial

Cultivation: Planted by seeds or transplanting

Ecological Function: Attracts pollinators, ground cover

Pollinators:  Butterflies, bees, thrips, flies

Soil: Sand, loam, organic soils

Moisture: Dry soil, well drained soil

Shade: Partial shade, no shade

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