Butterfly Gardens by Dr Cyren Wong Zhi Hoong

from Biodiversity Gardens Capacity Building Workshop with Dr Cyren Wong Zhi Hoong Dr. Cyren is an ecological anthropologist and ethnozoologist who studies the relationship between human society and the natural environment. He is also a lepidopterist who specialises in the study of butterflies & moths. One of the chapters of his PhD research focuses onContinue reading “Butterfly Gardens by Dr Cyren Wong Zhi Hoong”

A Beginner Butterfly Garden

A beginner’s butterfly garden uses host plants and flowering plants that grow wild. Shade is not an issue for many of these butterfly species here since they are adapted to living in hot open areas. Because this garden uses wild plants, it requires almost zero maintenance (except for occasional trimming). For aesthetic value, you canContinue reading “A Beginner Butterfly Garden”

Urban Invertebrates: Butterflies and Moths

Butterflies Active in the daytime, they have club-shaped antennae and their wings are held upwards when at rest. Ecological function: pollinators, prey-predator relationship Level in food chain: primary consumer Feeding behaviour: herbivore (when caterpillar), nectarivore Microhabitat: trees and shrubs where they can rest, flowering plants where they can feed Moths Active at night, they haveContinue reading “Urban Invertebrates: Butterflies and Moths”