Module 07: Flowers and pollinators

Pollinator module photo 800px

Take a journey of discovery of the flowers that are around us and the animals that visit them. A fun way to learn the basic biology of flower structure and animal adaptations.

Session 1. Pollinator walk
Learn about the difference between flowering and non-flowering plants. Differentiate the types of flowers in a botanic garden. Examine pollen and learn how to pollinate a flower.

Session 2. Pollinators up close
Visit UM’s Musuem of Zoology and have a close-up look at pollinators. See the structures that allow them to move pollen and feed on nectar.

Session 3. Pollinator map
Map out the pollinators in a garden. Try to find patterns between the environment, the types of flowers and the pollinators that you find.

Session 4. Flowers up close
Dissect a flower to learn its different parts. Press flowers to preserve them. Look at pollen under a microscope.

Available from June 2019 onwards. This module is an ideal companion to Wildflower Herbarium, Wildflower Detective, The Tales that Trees Tell and Decomposers and Detritivores.

Last update: 19 April 2019