Module 05: The tales that trees tell

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A tree is not just a tree. Discover what makes one tree unique from another, how to tell them apart, and why these differences are important. Gain science communication skills, and learn to tell the “overstory” of trees in our lives.

Session 1. Reading leaves
Begin with a scavenger hunt to identify and categorise different leaf shapes and textures. Learn how different leaf appearances contribute to a tree’s survival.

Session 2. Describing trees
Go on an interpretive walk, describing and matching the characteristics of a tree’s parts. Understand a tree’s services by observing other life forms growing on trees.

Session 3. Tree-sure hunt
Call trees by their names as you learn how to identify common tree species. Record your findings with descriptive notes using your skills of plant description.

Session 4. Writing stories
Harness your own creativity and handcraft a tree guide. Turn your field notes into a presentable booklet that can be used to identify trees around you.

This module is an ideal companion to Wildflower Detective and Flowers and Pollinators.

Last update: 19 April 2019