Module 04: Wildflower detective

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Investigate the wonderful world of wildflowers with this follow-up to our pioneer module, Wildflower Herbarium. Learn how plants are identified and how this information is organised and accessed. Make connections between a plant’s appearance and its identity.

NOTE: Wildflower Herbarium is a prerequisite for this module.

Session 1. Building keys
Learn about classification and the concept of dichotomy through a “choose-your-adventure” style exercise using everyday objects.

Session 2. Cast of characters
Go on a wildflower hunt! Learn about the parts of a wildflower and how they are described by botanists. Learn how to take effective photographs and make useful field notes and drawings.

Session 3. Describing evidence
Re-open your case files (a.k.a. pressed wildflower sheets). Label and describe your “evidence,” and get to know some of the important crim — er, wildflower — families.

Session 4. A mystery to solve
With the help of simple identification keys, narrow down and try to identify a selection of “suspects.” Finish the module by completing a few wildflower portraits.

Last update: 19 April 2019