Module 01: Wildflower herbarium

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Wildflowers are all around us, and yet these common plants remain largely maligned and misunderstood. They are important pioneer species, often providing ecological services in places where few other plants can. Our flagship module is recommended as an introduction and orientation to the Backyard Explorers system. The basis of all environmental and ecological study is to be able to identify and locate the plants and animals around us: this introductory module will expose students to these basic skills.

Session 1. The flowers of the field
Take a walk to encounter wild plants and discuss their ecology. Learn to record on maps what we discover in the field. Collect and press plant specimens.

Session 2. Introduction to herbarium
Key to the study of nature and ecology is reliable data and good records. Go behind the scenes at a world-class herbarium, and learn to preserve plant specimens.

Session 3. Making herbarium vouchers
Complete mounting the herbarium vouchers of your collected and pressed wildflowers.

Session 4. Plant identification and review
Present and review your work, and return to the field to compare live and preserved wildflowers.

Last update: 19 April 2019