Urban Mammals: Colugos

Colugos (Galeopterus variegatus)

Local name: Kubong, kubung, kubung pelanduk, kujul


  • Commonly known as a ‘flying lemur’ but the animal does not fly and it is not a lemur. In fact, it is more closely related to primates than marsupials
  • Able to glide for long distances as it possesses a thin membrane that stretches all the way to the ends of its tail and each limb
  • Fur colour varies from greenish-grey to reddish and yellowish orange
  • Excretes by flipping its tail backwards
  • Infant clings tightly to its mother, similar to primates

Activity pattern: Nocturnal

Ecological function: Tree productivity

Level in food chain: Primary consumer

Feeding behaviour: Folivorous

Food items: Leaves and young shoots, lichen

Microhabitat: Found high up in trees. Sunda colugos sleep on the trunk of the tree or can be spotted hanging on a branch. They can also be found on tree trunk as low as 50cm.

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