Species Guide: Craft Plants


The long, shiny leaves of pandan. Photo by Goh Shang Ming

Common name: Screwpine

Malay name: Pandan

Scientific name: Pandanus amaryllifolius

Conservation status: Cultivated, Native to Malaysia


A shrub or small tree with long, slightly pleated leaves. Leaves are fragrant and spirally arranged.

Habit: Perennial shrub

Cultivation: It is planted by stem cuttings & suckers (side shoots that emerge from the base of a plant)

Ecological function: It is a host plant for moth caterpillars. It provides shelter for small vertebrates.

Pollinator: No data

Soil: Fertile loamy soils

Moisture: Well-drained soils

Shade: Partial shade, no shade

Use in crafting: The leaves of this plant are chopped and mixed with flowers to make potpourris. People weave the leaves into baskets and sleeping mats.

Other use: The leaves are used as food containers. People also use them to colour and flavour dishes or beverages. An essential oil extracted from the leaves has insect-repellent activity.

By ShangMing

A plant lover. I like small, medium, gigantic, ordinary, exotic, local, foreign plants. Just because they thrive to stand out.