Species Guide: Rare Fruit Trees

Jambu Mawar

A fruit of jambu mawar. Photo by Goh Shang Ming

Common name: Rose Apple

Malay name: Jambu Mawar

Scientific name: Syzygium malaccense (L.) Merr. & L.M. Perry

Conservation status: Least Concern, Cultivated, Native to Malaysia


A small, evergreen tree that grows up to 15 m tall. Tree crown is dense and spreading. Tree trunk is low-branching. Leaves are glossy, tapering and oppositely arranged. Bears clusters of white, fluffy flowers that are 5-10 cm wide. Fruits are round to egg-shaped, whitish to yellow, have a crown-like structure and smell like rosewater.

A jambu mawar tree with its spreading crown. Photo by Goh Shang Ming

Habit: Perennial tree

Cultivation: It is planted by seeds, budding, air-layering or grafting

Ecological function: This tree is shade-providing. Its flowers attract pollinators.

Pollinator: Bees and other insects

Soil: Fertile loamy soils. It tolerates poor soils and saline soils

Moisture: It grows in both well-drained and waterlogged soils.

Shade: No shade. Partial shade for young plants

Use: The fruits of this tree are edible. Its leaves are used for perfumery. This tree is planted as an ornamental tree.

By ShangMing

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