Why plant native?

Written by Thary Gazi Goh

Setawar air (Costus speciosus). Photo by Syuhada Sapno.

Why should you go through the effort of planting native plants? It’s a good question that many people ask. Here’s 4 reasons:

  1. There is a higher diversity of native plants. Often these plants are able to coexist with local wildlife and integrated into the food chains and interactions of native wildlife.
  2. Native plants create more stable food chains. Many native plants can function as food or host plants for wildlife. This creates more stable and resilient food chains.
  3. More possibility. There is a larger variety of native plants, which means that these plants hold more possibility in terms of what habitats they can create in the future. They also hold in them many potential cures or useful compounds to humans in the future. To lose native plants is an act of destroying the biological legacy of future generations.
  4. This is their home. Where else do our native plants have to go if we remove them completely? It’s beyond cruel to destroy entire species and take their land from them.