Module 03: Birds around us

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More than just bird watching. Learn about the scientific method by studying the birds that fly, hunt and sing around us. Use all your senses to observe how our feathered neighbours distribute themselves through time and space. Explore concepts such as habitat, field observation, the scientific method, tabulating and recording data, and adaptation to the environment.

Session 1. Birdsong through time
Listen to the morning chorus, observing quietly and recording what you hear. Present your data in the form of simple graphs.

Session 2. The adaptations of birds
Examine the anatomy of birds up close, studying the diversity of birds in a zoological collection. Learn why birds have differently shaped beaks, and discover their uses, strengths and weaknesses through a tool-based experiment.

Session 3. Bird mapping and journaling
Using a map, formulate hypotheses about where a bird’s habitat will be. Return to the field and verify if your hypotheses are true. Mark your discoveries in a journal.

Session 4. What bird am I?
Go beneath feathers, skin and flesh. Play a guessing game, and learn to describe a bird based on its skeleton and bone structure.

Last update: 19 April 2019