Module 02: Freshwater life

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Experience the water that is above, below and around us. Wade, splash and catch as you interact with the plants and animals that inhabit the freshwater systems in our cities. Explore and learn about important concepts of interactions of living things, adaptation to the environment, pollution and the water cycle. Don’t forget an extra pair of clothes, because we’re not going to get out of this dry!

Session 1. Pond life and the food web
Explore a pond and create a small freshwater aquarium. Build a food web, and learn about the various animals and plants and how they survive underwater.

Session 2. Streams and groundwater
Explore the source of the water that we drink. Trek along a forest stream to find the springs that feed the stream. Learn what makes a rain forest rainy.

Session 3. Streams and us
Study a stream that is used for human activities. Find and compare invasive and native species. Discover the causes, consequences and cures of water pollution.

Session 4. Water quality testing
Sample and compare the quality of water in a few sites. Learn how water testing kits are used, and how data about water quality can be communicated in a simple and fun way.

Last update: 19 April 2019